video's of Bitumen Laboratory

You can see on this page various videos of our work, bitumen Laboratory, how to heat the bitumen tank to drain and …. To view each of them, please click on the relevant video. After clicking, the page will be opened to you.

Ductility test Bitumen | ASTM D-113

This test method describes the procedure for determining the ductility of a bituminous material measured by the distance to which it will elongate before breaking when two ends of a briquette specimen of the material,….

Penetration test Bitumen | ASTM D-5

Consistency of a bituminous material expressed as the distance in tenths of a millimeter that a standard needle vertically penetrates a sample of the material under known conditions of loading, time, and temperature….

Flash Point test Bitumen | ASTM D-92

This test method describes the determination of the flash point and fire point of petroleum products by a manual Cleveland open cup apparatus or an automated Cleveland open cup apparatus….